About us

iolo creates patented innovation and award-winning software that repairs, optimizes, and safeguards PCs, to maximize system speed and performance while keeping them safe. With a global presence in 33 countries and products in 11 languages, a huge number of individuals have involved iolo’s products for their PC optimization, security, and data recuperation needs for north of two decades.

The company’s product line, distinguished by its flagship performance optimization suite System Mechanic®, is sold all through the world at more than 20,000 retail storefronts including Best Buy and Office Depot, and can be purchased from leading major e-tailers like Amazon. The products are also sold at a multitude of domestic and international distributors and affiliates.

Headquartered in Pasadena, California, and a part of RealDefense LLC, iolo is widely recognized by the two shoppers and industry specialists as a worldwide leader in the system utility software market.

System Mechanic for Windows fixes issues that cause crashes and slow loading times

Supercharge the performance of your PC with System Mechanic from iolo software. The Program Accelerator feature smartly reorganizes your file structure so all of your programs are gathered with their respective files. This streamlines software and improves the speed of your machine, making it easy to work or play. Regardless of whether you have a hard-disk hard drive or solid-state drive, System Mechanic optimizes file storage activity and optimizes memory, creating operations that are less taxing and a drive that lasts longer and runs quicker.

PC performance enhancing package

1 product license for unlimited PCs
Downloadable software for installation (Cable modem and DSL)
Works with Windows OS
Orders placed more than an end of the week may be delayed until Monday
Keep your PC running fast and smooth with the System Mechanic PC Performance Package from iolo technologies. Help your PC’s performance, fix system blunders and forestall issues before they happen with this award-winning package. Download PC Magazine Editor’s Choice-winning package and breathe new life into sluggish systems.